CALAMUS Steam distilled from India

10ml @$16.00     1oz @$44.00
      Acorus calamus is otherwise known as “Sweet Flag” Iris. It is a root rhizome collected from native India, that is steam distilled to offer the curiously aromatic essence it exudes. It is considered to be a possible dermal irritant, yet for perfuming and meditative formulations it is  a very interesting component in a formulation.There is that magical otherworldly feeling that comes from this form of essence.

        There is a tremendous amount of significance on a  metaphysical level. This beautiful “Funeral Flower” holds its scent in the root of the plant. Symbolically it portrays the everlasting life after death of the physical. The beauty of the flower will fade and wither away, yet the root holds an exquisite mysterious essence. It makes sense that there is a traditional relation to Spirit World. We may honor this with  pure parfum creations connecting the realms of existence.This botanical is an aromatic stimulant tonic for tired nerves and vertigo.The intention of this botanical is  for aromatic mental and Spirit connection. Using this in a small percentage with other components as a parfum or meditative tool is excellent. I would not add it into body anointment though, it must be honored as the intense substance that it is. Perhaps the energetic vibration will  open new dimensional realms for the ones who resonate with the quintessential essence it holds.