C'est Verde


This Green Mixture opens up the airways, allowing freedom of breathe to flow through the meridians and the mind as it purifies and fortifies you.
These Pure Plant Aromatics Enliven and Enrich the mind; encouraging life forces to flow especially through the Throat Chakra and respiration system.

Blended into 2 ounces of pure  first cold-pressed organic Jojoba (Simmondisa chinensis)  $44.00

Marjoram; Marjorana officinale
Myrtle; Myrtus communis
Saro; Cinnamosma fragrans
Spanish Sage; Salvia lavendulifolia
White Sage; Salvia apiana
Bay Laurel; Laurus nobilis
Hyssop; Hyssopus officinle
Juniper; Juniprus communis
Inula; Inula graveolens
Violet Leaf;Viola odorata 
Amni Visnaga; Khella Seeds

Nature’s Spirit Selection of Soul-full Synergy; treatments for the Mind, Mood Skin & Spirit 
       Treat your whole self with these new selections created as body treatments to nourish your being through the skin.  A Treat is defined as an occurrence that causes special pleasure or delight. Our daily personal routines should be pleasurable. Something as simple as a body moisturizer may assist as a form of a subtle “healing remedy”. Nature’s Spirit formulations are always created with pure essential oils, absolutes and plant carrier bases. What I term “therapeutic blends” are the ones which carry a higher percentage of essential oils to assist in more intense activation of the body systems for the treatment and care of specific issues. From that came a selection of “Light Essences” that are the same formulation of botanicals yet in a lighter percentage yielding a lighter price. Many of these are also great moisturizers: blends such as Joyful Healer, Peaceful Breath and Positive Mental State are some of these that I formulated decades ago are now time honored classics in the Nature’s Spirit product venue that are examples of this.,The Beautification blends such as Morning Dew are a higher dollar due to the greater percentage of essential oils in the base of jojoba, and then there is the factor of which essential oils are in the blend,  and in what strength percentage. The pure parfums are a specialty and the components are often costly, but   there a lot of reasons for this. These blends are worth every penny and more. Having Pure parfums, truly natural skin care and atmospheric olfactory delights are reasons I began this enterprise that I love. What we put onto our skin is absorbed and should of a beneficial quality. Many people come to Nature’s Spirit for select items and these synergies are made to compliment everyday skin care. They are a small percentage (3-5%) thus yielding a lower cost. They are more subtle in their energies, allowing other scents to evolve with the layering.