An awakening botanical mixture intensifying positive energies &  inspiration.

BERGAMOT; Citrus bergamot 

Illuminates, energizes, inspires creativity with the powerfulness from the Sun.  

COPAIBA BALSAM; Copaifera langsdorfil

A balsam which fortifies inner strength bonding mindfulness with actions. 

YLANG YLANG COMPLETE; Canada odorata genuina 

Connecting one with Soulful Spirituality, aligning the crown chakra with the sacral plexus.

ROSE GERANIUM; Pelargonium graveolens

Heart centered and balancing, easing the mind as it regulates hormonal fluctuations.

HONEYSUCKLE; Lonicera  caprifolium 

A rare true absolute nectar encompassing delightful vibrational energetics of sweetness.

PETIGRAIN, FLEUR NEROLI; Citrus aurantium amara

A small special batch of leaves from the Orange tree fortifying & calming the breath. 

AMBRETTE CO2: Hibiccus abelmochatus

A delightful botanical seeding well being, easing tension and boosting aromatic potency.

Offered in a 2 oz Linden Hydrosol  mist @ $39 special @ $33

Immersed into 8ml of jojoba is a spherical applicator for direct body anointment @ $22