Brigid's Benevolence


   Brigid is a Bright Goddess who is esteemed with attributes in the realm of high dimensions. Wisdom, Intelligence and Healing are most honored aspects of Brigid that benefit us daily. She is a Benevolent Being honored by many for the many blessings she bestows with these highly revered traits. She expresses Solar vitality with her talents of mastering the Elements through the art of blacksmithing, combining magic with practicality. 
As  a Woman of the Fairy Hills she is honored in the woods, mountains and farms, respected for her plant knowledge and kindness to animals. Divination and prophecy are majical natural abilities for this Wise Woman. Brigid inspires beauty and creation with her radiance. She is symbolized as a triple Goddess, honoring all phases and aspects of femininity. Her warmth glows through the Winter as She is also honored on February 1st for Imbolic. Ancient ways are still honored in these modern days by invoking Passion, Healing  and Creation with tribute to Brigid.  

Ylang Ylang Extra Superior, Elemi, Wild Indonesian Oud,  Indian Frankincense Serrata, Vanilla Absolute, Somaliland Olibanum, Cardamom, Rosa damascena, Jasmin sambac, Neroli bigarde, Patchouli, Rosemary, Ambrette seed, Costus root, Angelica are intertwined to pay tribute to the warmth and wisdom of this honored Saint and Diety.

The neat parfum is wonderful to be intermingled within  your head of hair. 
Having true essences emit their quintessetial aromatic energies  as a parfum enchants the senses, empowers the mind and carries forth the scent as a personal statement.  Extending these precious botanicals into a pure jojoba carrier base allows one to anoint the self anywhere: under the nostrils is a favored spot for ones self to enjoy the aromatic delights. Applying on pulse points is wonderful as a  parfum also and perhaps on more intimate and delicate areas for a romantic interlude?  I say yes to all…….. 

Offering a 1 ml neat pure parfum @ $   55.00
Special    a 5 ml neat pure parfum  @$255.00  {saving $20}
Extended into  8ml of jojoba in bottle with a spherical applicator  @ $55.00