Botanical Biblical Blessings


“BOTANICAL BIBLICAL BLESSINGS”                                                            

These essential oils are time honored, traditional and have Biblical reverence. 

Frankincense  Setting a Sacred tone, A Guardian of the Heavens                                            
Cedarwood  Purifies the air, A Holy wood known to protect body and soul.
Myrrh A Sacred anointing oil to heal as it soothes wounds of flesh and Spirit.
Cypress Strengthening, Allows the life force to flow through the physical being.
Hyssop Oxygenates the body to liven the senses, Opens and clears the mind.
Bay Laurel Aromatic leaves used to protect the mind and ward off evilness.
Cinnamon A potent spice used to preserve goodness and protect from sickness.
Coriander An aromatic used to warm the body and alert positives of mind with action.
Spikenard Known as a highly prized parfum. It is  sedating; calming passions.                             
Calamus Representing the beauty of resurrection from the root to the Heavens.                       

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