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Botanical Biblical Blessings



These essential oils are time honored, traditional & have Biblical reverence. This blend evokes a sense of calm & ease with pure plant Spirit. Experience how precious plant essential oils assist in Sacredness of everyday life.

Frankincense Cedarwood Myrrh Cypress Hyssop

*Setting a Sacred tone* A Guardian of the Heavens
*Purifies the air* A Holy wood known to protect body & soul.
*A Sacred anointing oil to heal & soothe wounds of flesh & Spirit. *Strengthening* Allows the life force to flow through the physical being. *Oxygenates the body to liven the senses*Opens & clears the mind. *Aromatic leaves used to protect the mind & ward off evilness.
*A potent spice used to preserve goodness & protect from sickness.
*An aromatic used to warm the body & alert positives of mind & action. *Known as a highly prized parfum; it is & sedating, calming passions. *Representing the beauty of resurrection from the root to the Heavens.

Bay Laurel
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