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Blue Tansy


BLUE TANSY  Tanacetum annum  

Otherwise known as Moroccan Tansy.   
   Steam distilled essential oil is obtained from this delightful herb. The high azulene content makes the liquid a beautiful blue color. 
This corresponding  color (to me) indicates that the throat chakra will benefit from its use. On a therapeutic level it is known to reduce allergies and asthmatic conditions. The soothing earthy scent eases tension allowing relaxation of the breath, calming the bodies nervous system. 
When used  topically in a proper percentage within a quality carrier base is is known for healing bruises, burns and damaged skin. 
It is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory that will calm distress of the body and mind.  Other beneficial traits include reparation of capillaries and enhanced cardiovascular functions. 

It is not recommended for use during pregnancy.  

1ml @$22.00