Blue Balm


An extra ordinary healing cream that will readily absorb into the tissues assisting respiration
and cardiovascular functions with its many powerfully immune enhancing traits.

Frankincense;Frankincense cateri, Blue Chamomile; Matricaria recutita, Inula;Inula graveolens,
Hyssop;Hyssopus officinale, Violet Leaf with Flower;Viola odorata, Helichrysum;Helichyrsum italicum , 
Yarrow; Achillea millefolium, and Amni Visnaga immersed into East African Shea Butter ;Vitellaria Nilotica.

2 oz pot @ $33.00
1/2 oz pot $8.00
4 oz pot @ $56.00   (Available this May 2021)  

Blue Chamomile soothes the heart and smooths the flow of qi energy as this calms it will regulates vital life forces of the body. I think of the veins traveling through.
Violet Leaf with Flower give us a deep blue/dark green shade of precious thick liquid.  The heart shaped leaf tells us it comforts the heart. It is also filled with phytonutrients within its cellar structure.
Yarrow is well known for its strength in fortifying and protecting the body on many levels. There are various regions from which Yarrow may be procured, with different colors evident. One  I have is a beautiful azure thick liquid and the liquid is mossy green. 
Helichrysum also comes from different places, both with essential oils that are light bringing immense healing properties spiritual, physical and emotional levels. With this potent plant also known as Everlasting helps to let go of old wounds, to heal from sorrow and to renew the core of life through cellular regeneration and circulation enhancement.
Inula is superb for the health of the immune system.As a powerful mucolyctic essential oils  is helpful for the lungs and respiration, easing asthma and bronchitis symptoms.
Amni Visnaga also known as Khella seed opens up the senses, stimulating life energy.
Hyssop enhances the breath as it assists with body receiving a greater oxygen intake.
Frankincense will calm the body as it restores peace and comfort to the soul/ self.