Seeing the Ever present Soul; allowing a Blossom amidst the darkness. 
This blend was mixed in the early Spring with little knowing of how significant the knowing was to be. And now today I realize how deep the roots of a Blossom be. These roots are a pillar of strength allowing the Blossom of Ethereal energies to flourish. Acceptance with the Realization of opening of unseen realms.
A Devic Blossom opening A Star Soul in our physical self, eclectically balancing the matrix of body, mind and Soul.

Ylang Ylang extra superior, Clary Sage, Elemi, Calamus Root & Frankincense .
4ml Neat@$40.00  
5ml Neat@ $45.00
10ml Neat@$88.00
into a 1 oz  hydrosol myst @ $22.00
into a 2 oz  hydrosol myst @ $40.00

Ylang Ylang Extra Superior exhibits its sweetness and warmth with the heady fragrance. energy from the Glorious vibrant flowers connecting to Divinity.
Clary Sage eases human passions allowing comfort for Soulful realizations. 
Elemi offers psychic awakening while alerting the intuitive senses.
Calamus is a sweet fragrant root which grows a beautiful violet funerary flower. 
Frankincense  is a superb karmic cleanser as a guardian of the Supernatural realm.