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Seeing the Ever present Soul; allowing a Blossom amidst the darkness. This blend was mixed in the early Spring with little knowing of how significant the knowing was to be. And now today I realize how deep the roots of a Blossom be. These roots are a pillar of strength allowing the Blossom of Ethereal energies to flourish. Acceptance & Realization opening!

A Devic Blossom opening A Star Soul in our physical self, eclectically balancing the matrix of body, mind & soul.

Ylang Ylang Extra Superior     Vibrant Glorious vibrant flowers connecting to Divinity. 

Clary Sage                               Eases human passions allowing comfort for Soulful realizations.

Elemi                                        Psychic awakening & alerting the intuitive senses.

Calamus Root                           Sweet fragrant root which grows a beautiful violet funerary flower.  

Frankincense                            Karmic cleanser; A guardian of the Supernatural realm.

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