This delightful synergy will encompass your being as it surrounds you with the high vibrational and blissful energies it is composed of.
As a parfum it is a bit alluring with its botanical charms. 

Ylang Ylang Extra superior, Rose Geranium, Mysore Sandalwood, Bergamot & Patchouli.

Available choices 
Neat synergy                        4ml                 $48.00
Neat synergy                        5ml                 $55.00 
Extended into jojoba            8ml in Jojoba  $22.00 (in glass bottle w/ spherical applicator )
As Myst in a hydrosol            1 oz                $26.00
As Myst in a hydrosol            2 oz                $49.00

Ylang Ylang Extra superior heightens passion and attunes to the celestial vibrations that offer peace and joy to the mind through the delightful fragrant euphoric essence. 

Rose Geranium calms the heart and soothes the soul while balancing the boundaries between worlds.

Mysore Sandalwood secures a sacredness from deep within. As it travels through us it imparts the vibration of timeless and eternal soulfulness.


Bergamot brings sunshine and warmth with its uplifting zesty composition of aromatics. 

 Patchouli holds the passion, comforting and securing an earthy existence while entering other etheric energy planes.