Black Spruce

Black Spruce     Picea mariana    steam distilled essential oil from the needles  of this evergreen tree.  
 5 ml @$11.00
10 ml @ $18.00
1 ounce @ $48.00

      The essential oils are derived from the needles and twigs of these evergreens.

Both Tsuga canadensis (Eastern Hemlock) and Picea mariana (Black Spruce) are native to Canada. Numerous respiratory benefits are available through these green tree needles. Spruce holds expectorant and antiseptic values along with being mucolytic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic. As a boost to brighten a blend, this essential oils is quite useful when added into formulations for the body.  In a massage blend this Evergreen essential oil it will penetrate deeply, allowing the muscles to relax and be eased. Along with the soothing and comforting traits on the physical level Spruce allows one to feel the Forest with a deep sense of protective comfort and Earthly grounding. Dr Kurt Schnabelt writes that Black Spruce will strengthen and support the adrenal glands during times of stress and fatigue. This really supports the lungs!

      Black Spruce will enliven the body and mind with our Spirit. This is an excellent essential oil for the atmosphere to enhance the vibrational energy as well as the  air quality. The refreshing essence opens up our senses supporting and securing  a comforting and safe environment. Spruce has potent cleansing values as the essence clears the air for breathing, allowing relaxation and regulation of breath. When we breath better it soothes nerves and eases muscular fatigue. The evergreens  are emotional uplifters for mood and mind. Antiseptic and anti viral benefits are helpful in preventing diseases from entering the body   When these molecules within the plant structure  are released they are like an auric force field with their Tree Energy that protect us and give us strength.