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Black Spruce

Black Spruce   Picea mariana     is steam distilled essential oil from the needles  of this evergreen tree.  
 There are numerous therapeutic respiratory effects. Along with being mucolytic it holds expectorant and antiseptic values.
   It is known to be anti -inflammatory and analgesic when used in formulations for the body. In a massage blend it will penetrate deeply, allowing the muscles to relax and be soothed. Along with the soothing and comforting traits one the physical level it allows one to feel the Forest in a deep sense of  protective comfort and  Earthly grounding.
     Dr Kurt Schnabelt writes that Black Spruce will strengthen and support the adrenal glands during times of stress and fatigue. 
       This is an excellent essential oil for the atmosphere to enhance the air quality and keep a comforting and safe environment. I love to blend the greens with Citrus for the antiseptic and anti viral benefits.

    10 ml neat  @ $12.00
1 ounce  neat  @ $28.00
4 ounces neat @$ 63.00 (bulk pricing)