Black Pepper


BLACK PEPPER Piper nigrum  berry steam distilled from Madagascar

10ml @$20.00      1oz @$55.00       4 oz bulk @$128.00 Piper nigrum berry is steam distilled in both Madagascar and  India.
        Pepper is  pungent and perky!, black pepper is known for cheerfulness. One of its active ingredients is a pungent alkaloid called piperine, which researchers have found to have antidepressant effects. Black Pepper has always been a favorite spice of mine, so it makes great sense that I find it appealing as an essential oil. And I am an Aries, so my association exists on an alchemical level too! These seeds are steam distilled to release their properties of rejuvenation with health giving benefits. This plant reveals many potent healing qualities: Pepper is one of the oldest and most important spices that was  highly prized during early exploration voyages, it being worth fortunes.These robust seeds were used as barter in trading; valued as gold! During the Middle Ages there was much trade amongst India and Europe with the Grecians. Early civilizations noted the fortifying and recuperative powers that have been held in high esteem as a favorable food enhancement for centuries. Sanskrit literature noted that  peppercorns were swallowed by mendicant monks of India to give them the needed endurance for long daily treks,  alleviating their hunger and increasing their strength and endurance. 

Numerous traits of this potent plant seed  make it highly sought after. Also it has been known for at least as 2,000 years that pepper serves as a carminative for the stomach. Lots of peppercorns were swallowed purely for therapeutic purposes. In Medieval Days much pepper was used in food preparation and preservation due to the strong qualities of this uniquely versatile spice.These seeds no doubt preserved more than the food quality as they provide anti-toxins (preventing food poisoning). Other values included Black Pepper as being a powerful febrifuge and antiseptic. Black Pepper will activate phyto-nutrients  of other botanicals such as boosting the therapeutic effects of turmeric when prepared as a beverage. I use the seeds, not the essential oil for food preparation, saving the distilled essential oil for lively health promoting body blends. 

Even though this plant is ruled by double fire,  Black Pepper is a nervine for the skeletal system. The use of pepper is noted for relieving rheumatic pain and easing sciatica as it warms the tissues deep into the bone marrow. It is known to stimulate and form new blood cells, being helpful with circulation and bruise reduction. It’s use will decrease chills by heating the circulatory system which may cause  sudoforic  actions {causing sweating} or used as a febrifuge that will combat fever. These qualities are immune enhancing, quickening healing. When Black Pepper is used in a massage blend it tones muscles and serves as a stimulus to burn off fat.  Adding this plant oil to a formulation assists with the functions of many body systems. It serves as a tonic to the spleen, the urinary tract and the liver.  Unguents are enhanced with use of this potent plant to increase detoxification.