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Black Pepper


BLACK PEPPER    Piper Nigrum

Pepper is perky revealing many  positive and potent qualities .The seeds are steam distilled to release their properties of rejuvenation and health. 
These highly prized seeds were used as barter in trading; they were valued as gold! Early civilizations noted the fortifying  and recuperative powers they posses and offer to the recipients.  Sanskrit literature noted peppercorns swallowed by mendicant monks of Indian to give them the needed endurance for long daily treks. Much pepper was used in food preparation for preservation due to the strong qualities of the uniquely versatile spice. It also serves as a carminative for the stomach.
   Black pepper is a nervine for the skeletal system. The use of pepper is noted n relieving rheumatic pain as it warms the tissues deep into the bone marrow. 
Cold symptoms are reduced with its application. It is important to apply this essential oil in a proper carrier base and preferably with other essential oils such as rose geranium to combine their traits. Functions of the urinary tract and  the liver are enhanced with this plant to increase detoxification. 
Red blood cell formation is enhanced by black pepper so, therefore circulation is increased. It is known to help burn off fat.
I use this essential oil to boost the qualities of other therapeutic oils in detoxifying, circulating and slimming synergies especially.
A wee bit in the right aphrodisiac /parfum mix may be enhanced by its lifting traits. 
A secret ingredient to jazz up life!  
Black pepper is known for cheerfulness. One of its active ingredients is a pungent alkaloid called piperine, which, researchers have found, stimulates digestion, has antidepressant effects.

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