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BIRCH     Betula alba  Leaf & buds steam distilled from the Adirondacks.   NOT FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY

    Ancients have utilized the bark from this tree for numerous purposes. I remember when I lived up North
 how I liked to peel the bark and use it for writing upon just like the Native Americans were known to do. 
The sap has been used for beverages such as Birch Beer and in tisanes for medicinal remedies. 
The energies of this tree are said to be endowed with Protective Spirits.The vapors from the leaves and buds 
aid in reduction of toxins. The essential oils held within its wood release attributes which are known to assist 
with reduction of swelling, ease of rheumatic and arthritic conditions , cleansing the kidneys, activating bladder
activity and improving digestion. The astringent properties make it a useful component in scalp and hair tonics. 
To this day birch essential oil is used to tone, ease cellulite and promote circulation in many personal care products. 

   The majority of the larger companies do not use the pure Birch botanical. Birch essential oil (Betula alba) is quite potent
 and should be used in minimal amounts with caution. This intense plant oil offers  powerful pain relieving properties and
 a quite intense scent that goes along with it. The scent is pleasant like that of the familiar Wintergreen which will dominate
 the other essences.   It is not recommended to be used during pregnancy or by those who are taking allopathic medicine for the kidneys. 

   Nature’s Spirit offers true Birch Oil from the Adirondacks. True birch oil is more expensive than what is commonly found
in the commercial market. One reason is that the bark has to be macerated and soaked in warm water for 10-12 hours minimum
before it can be distilled. The yield is low and the oil is more difficult technically to collect from the distillation because 
its more dense than water and so the oil layer sinks to the bottom of the collection apparatus instead of floating on top like most essential oils.

10ml @$15.00     1 OZ @$40.00