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Beneath the Surface



Made to go onto the skin to go into us. To go beneath the surface & align the newness to produce a desired outcome. Going within will emit outward, bringing in what is needed. Our skin constantly reflects our state of perpetual change to our conditions, experiences & nourishment. Our interstitial fluids travel through seemingly invisible channels & streams of fluids & molecular structural energy forms & patterns. This inner working creates what reflects on our skin in our appearance.

All of this is very symbolic of our emotions, desires & thoughts. It is truly a wholistic way of comprehending the unity of body, mind, Spirit & Soul.

Lavender                            Vibratory plant that integrates the layers of our “bodies”. 

Rose Geranium                   Unites the heart forces with universal & physical healing powers.

Rosa Damascena                 Purest high frequency form in the plant kingdom, resonates LOVE.

Neroli                                Calming & soothing the fluids that rule our emotions & smoothes surface.

Palmarosa                           Regenerative plant forces, restoring cellular structure. 

Carrot Seed                       Filled with nutritive vitamins evoking wellness & regeneration of cells.

Frankincense                      Easing worrisome thoughts, smoothing wrinkles & renewing elasticity.

Myrrh                                Closure & healing to wounds on a multitude of internal & external levels. 

Jasmine                             Heightened awareness of joy existing in the planes of our consciousness. 

Galbanum                           Tonic for cellular regeneration, restructure & immune enhancement.     

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