BAY LAUREL, Laurus nobilis


BAY LAUREL    Laurus nobilis Leaf    NOT FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY        Crete  

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      Laurus nobilis essential oil is obtained from the leaf which is steam distilled. It is usually wild harvested in Crete and cultivated in many Mediterranean regions. Known as “Sweet Laurel” this uplifting aromatic plant oil is highly prized for its many virtues. Laurel holds an inspirational scent which sparks inner vision and creativity as it opens up awareness. Neurotonic actions offer the ability to stimulate the mind, increasing memory and clarifying thoughts. Historically the Laureate Crown was worn in wreaths by poets and emperors as a sign of success and as a symbol of praise and achievement. Interestingly this leaf oil  has become known to benefit the scalp as it clears dandruff. Hmmmm, was this found out by chance?

      Bay Laurel is dedicated to Apollo, the Greek god of poetry and prophecy. The Ancient Egyptians-Priestess of Delphi used this herbal leaf to for clairvoyance, divination and protection from evil. Visionaries burned Bay Leaf in temples to garner insight. It is a remarkable essential oil lending it qualities through its mysticism and medicinal value. Laurel leaf has incredible immune enhancing abilities that assist with wholistic wellness. It is a circulation booster, stimulating the liver and kidneys to dismiss toxins from the body systems. These actions reduce rheumatic pain, ease edema and in general add vitality to the biological body while boosting the Spirit. The carminative attributes strengthens  the digestive system.  Bay Laurel is a powerful tonic, known to bring on menses and regulating the reproductive system therefore it is not advised to be used for body application during pregnancy as it may speed up childbirth (save it for then!). Also on a very practical level this protective charm will ward off the evil biting insects so adding some to an atmospheric mist will serve multiple purposes. Although it can be a bit overwhelming on its own as a natural fragrance, Bay Laurel leaf makes a great spicy addition to natural parfums when used in a synergistic fashion. The properties are excellent for an intriguing and beguiling earthy and green personal potion.