Bast's Beauty



  Bast; the Cat Goddess is one of the most ancient of the Egyptian Goddesses, often depicted as a  woman with a Cat head. As a Protectress, she magically has clear vision through the darkness with her all-seeing sacred eye called the utchat. 

She represents a form of Infinity as Bast unifies the Sun and the Moon. 

Bast is recognized as a Goddess of music and dance who sometimes plays a sistrum (an ancient Egyptian percussion instrument) and often has a rattle at hand. Sensual Pleasures, Peaceful Passion and Contentment are her Joys.

This Feline Feminine Being inspires creativity, enhances fertility and evokes Soulful desires, allowing them to manifest with the magic of creation. 

Many similarities exist between cultures and spiritual beliefs.  

In Hindu folk lore the cat Goddess is otherwise known as Shashti; a diety of vegetation and reproduction as well as a protector of children.

May the Beauty and Blessings intertwined in this aromatic concoction bestow one with their inner graces, allowing true beauty to flow. 

This pure parfum contain only botanical components / essential oils.

If in a carrier base the Jojoba serves as the unguent for extending these precious oils, allowing direct body  anointment. 

Indian Patchouli, Frankincense serrata, Jamine sambac, Mysore Sandalwood, Champacka, Catnip, Ambrette seed, Costus, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Elemi, Spikenard.

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