BASIL    Ocimum basilicum   Herb    NOT FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY      Egypt 

       Ocimum basilicum essential oil comes from the steam distilled flowering tops and leaves of this herb imported from Egypt.
I have grown this remarkable herb for decades.  The teeny tiny flowers are delightful to eats a treat. Basil loves to grow where
the moonlight shines and it also likes to have quite a bit of sun in the daytime. I scatter seeds in the soil whenever and wherever 
I have moved through the years. It usually flourishes. I have been gathering the seeds from the heirloom plants and sharing them 
for decades. Along with being a very pleasant aromatic culinary herb it has magic to share.  Basil is  held in legend to bring good 
fortune and prosperity.
         Being thought provocative this quintessential oil is intensely awakening and mind stimulating encouraging positive actions for
 abundance. As it stimulates the adrenal cortex  it increases intelligence and memory through concentration with focus and clarity.
Inhalation of this  scent will uplift, easing anxious or fearful dispositions. It is known to assist in the creation of sympathy between 
people, therefore keeping Peace.
There are numerous health benefits obtained with  the usage of Basil especially in addition with other essential oils in botanical
 body blends. As well as providing activation of the mind it increase circulation. Through the actions of the many health giving molecules
 contained within this plant oil it assists with the digestive process, easing bronchitis and reducing muscular aches. Other qualities include
 enhancement of immunity and the anti-venomous properties help to quicken repair of wounds.
           The Love Goddess-Erzulie , who is a supreme protectress in Haiti is honored with Basil as its associative plant. Basil does protect
 in many ways through its positive and potent actions. It is a strong essential oil to be used in small proportions as a little goes far. Because
 of its potency it should be avoided in the essential oil form in times of pregnancy. Although one may really want to snip some from the 
garden for the kitchen. I like to use sprigs in a vase with other wildflowers to adorn the desk and tabletop. Basil is very fortuitous, 
conjuring  goodness and dispelling negativity. 

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