Basil, Holy (Tulsi)


BASIL, HOLY “TULSI”  Ocimum sanctum  India

      Ocimum sanctum  is known as Tulsi. The flowering tops and leaves are steam distilled in India 
to obtain this Holy essential oil. Tulsi is very  spiritually relevant as it is most sacred to the Hindu Gods. 
This plant is in most gardens and sometimes even forbidden to be used by humans. I believe though that
this early manifestation of holiness is meant to be utilized by us as earth beings to gain higher states 
of consciousness. 
       Tusi Basil is mind opening. By alerting the senses its  invigorating powers  give strength and 
fortitude to the physical form. On a metaphysical level this herb offers protection and heightened 
awareness of the auric field that surrounds us. Tulsi Basil has many positive traits on a biological level, 
yet I prefer to use the essential oil for Protection formulations and sacred parfums and devotional blends. 
The hydrosol that is obtained as the essential oil is derived holds much value to wellness. Holy Basil water 
is excellent to mist the atmosphere and the body. This form of hydrolat is the one I like to utilize for its
medicinal value. Adding a teaspoon of the water to a glass of pure spring water adds vitality and enhances 
immunity.  I would not drink the essential oil, that ids for aromatic formulations for the Spirit, Soul and psyche.  

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