Balsam, Peru

BALSAM, PERU  Myroxylon balsamum  El Salvador

5 ml @ $20.00    10ml @$33.00     1oz @$88.00

       Myroxylon balsamum produces a thick gooey essential oil that is obtained after the bark from this tree is sliced, which then exudes a balsamic resin that then is processed through high vacuum dry distillation. This then produces a resin free essential oil.  El Salvador is the main source of this plant material. It is not from Peru at all; tricky substance it seems. The rich sweet scent is reminiscent of Vanilla. For the connoisseurs of Vanilla there is a notably distinct difference where the Balsam is more spice like and not as smooth, yet still a great parfum material. It has excellent value as a fixative and lends sweetness to a formulation while holding the aroma, allowing a lingering quality that is often very desirable in an aromatic potion. The scent is warming, opening and comforting to the senses. 

        Due to the extreme difference in pricing the choice of Balsam Peru may be a good option for those who like a Vanilla like scent and want to stick to a natural substance. There are so many imitations of the artificial scents that are down right sickening to those who crave nature in their aromatic adornment. Balsam Peru is known to be useful for skin care, yet it also has been noted to cause sensitivities to some, so I choose to be very careful for any body anointment blends that contain this substance. I prefer it for parfum creations. The pleasing aroma is known to relax the breath and ease blood pressure. Balsam Peru is a scent that is pleasant and soothing while having value with stress reduction with its pleasant aroma.