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  This blend is created with the intention of honoring the 7 Sacred Directions. Many botanicals speak through their aromatic essence that they exude. The Doctrine of Signatures is historically known to help portray the language of plants through their Natural forms, that exhibit their characteristics through the corresponding shapes. Speaking for the Plants; Nature’s Spirit formulations are intended as the “Language” we hear through our olfactory sense.
The healing energies of plants come to us in a variety of ways, this is  one way in which the pure botanical essential oils  are powerful guides. Our olfactory sense will further open and expand from the scent inhaled.These feelings that come to us while inhaling aromatic quintessential oils are individual and will directly communicate messages from Nature’s  intelligence.
   Native American Spiritual traditions are known for the connection with the Seven directions.This blend that combines 7 essential oils portraying their energies and the power of their unity in this Sacred synergy.

BERGAMOT PEEL; HONORING the EAST for New Beginnings with the Rising Sun *Awakening the Divine Spark within us with Spirit Guidance *Create newness of potentials

YLANG YLANG EXTRA SUPERIOR FLOWER ;HONORING the SOUTH for Empathy with all creatures * Trust with childlike beliefs * Faith * Fun and rebirth *Love of the self 

HYSSOP HERB; HONORING the WEST for Stability *Wisdom on the path of the setting sun *Grounded vision 

CARDAMOM SEED; HONORING the NORTH for *Knowing Awareness * Understanding *Illumination  * Realizing  that Our life cycles are purified through this Earthly journey

ANGELICA SEED; HONORING ABOVE for The Heavens * Mystic Forces *                           Sun & Stars  *Solar Systems

VETYVER ROOT; HONORING BELOW for Earth Energies * Plant world  
*Stones & Crystal Domain


1 ml Neat @$19.00

5 ml neat @$88.00 SPECIAL

Extended into  8ml jojoba in a spherical applicator @ $22.00

Extended into a 2 oz Rose Hydrosol Myst @$33.00