AUTUMNAL AURA 10 ml neat



A seasonal scent containing  essential oils from Mandarin & Orange Peels, 

Cinnamon leaf, Ginger root & Cardamom seeds.

This synergy is wonderful for the atmosphere. It may be added into a mist or used in a diffusor.

It is a neat mixture, therefore not to be applied to the body,

 although if extended into a pure carrier base it would be fine as a powerfully exuberant blend that would boost metabolism and activate the senses. 

The spices are stimulating so that is something to keep in mind!

Mandarin is bright and joyful opening the senses to the  delightfulness of being.

Orange, the optimistic energetic zest that fills the olfactory with enthusiasm.

Cinnamon quickens  the mind as it clears the sinus passages opening up the breath.

Ginger root spice is evocative, appealing to the mindfulness of festive treats.

Cardamom piques the curiosity adding mystique and charm to the essence mixture.

       Autumnal essences bring forth the ripeness of life. Autumn is a time of appreciation, reflection and also the time to gather what has been grown, to harvest what came from seed and what has matured and evolved through the process of growth.

Metaphor plays a part as well as magic. Experiencing a cycle of growth, observing the developments along the way and gathering the beneficial aspects given during the life phases is quite rewarding. One may think of stages of their own life with the growth, development and fruition of the thoughts that are the seeds that permitted the cycle of life to prevail. 

Aromatic essences evoke imagery in the mind, creating a comfort zone in which to reside. We as humans typically relate to the seasons and the cycles of life with ceremonies  such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. Certain scents go along with the emotional connections created through time. Choosing pure plant essential oils connects us on a deeper level to what the plant kingdom offers. With this in mind we may choose traditional aromatics and intermingle them with personal components that suit our individual taste. Seasonal scents inspire sensitivity with the present moments in time. Concocting a mesmerizing myst and diffusing an inspiring scent bring us closer to our authentic selves, observing the nostalgia of time and sensing the wisdom it has imparted.