Attar Chameli

Jasminum grandiflora
An attar is when the soulful aromatic essence of the plant is imbedded and intertwined with pure Sandalwood. This hydro-distillation of the floral is empowered with the base being the Sandalwood. Attars are the plant materials steam distilled over Sandalwood oil. The scent and the energy is Divine and Sacred.

This Attar is $69.00 per dram. (4ml)  
It is pure & potent & therefore will extend nicely, 

If you prefer I have made the extension in Jojoba.
This version is $22.00 for the 8ml size with a spherical applicator for direct body application. Great for under the nostrils, 
and anywhere else that suits you…the forehead, the hairline, arm pits, inner thigh and especially on the wrist pulse points.