Atmospheric Aromatizers

      These are repurposed Black Walnut wood pieces from branches here on our Terra Natura property. These are the new "Atmospheric Aromatizers". They are wonderful to hang in a car, a closet or other (small) area. Add a few drops of pure Nature's Spirit essential oils to enhance, enliven and empower the area! They are unfinished to allow the essential oils to absorb into the wood and slowly release into the atmosphere. Totally non toxic and created by Tom. They are truly unique, as is every branch of every tree. Tom is designing them with a wood burning tool. This colorful hemp is hand dyed from a lady I used to buy rolls of it from, no longer available, so this is limited. 

$7.00 each. The sizes vary. They are about 2-3 inches round. You may request smaller or larger when you order.

“Hang it from your car mirror and drive around in aromatic bliss.”
Thomas DuJardin