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Mother Goddess filled with wisdom. Protectress :She uses her strength when needed. Bravery. Healing with Science, Art & Natural Medicine. Owl.Oak. Stability. Serpentine staff (Caduceus). Rose Geranium(French),Lavender Provence, Ylang Ylang complete, Frankincense, Bay laurel, Elemi, Wild Chamomile & Oak Moss.

1ml N @$18.00 

4ml N@$55.00

Anointing Strength Body Base of Jojoba to enliven & moisturize 2 oz @ $27.00 

Into a Rose Hydrosol to mist the self & add into the Atmosphere. 2 oz @ $33.00 

H. Extended with 8ml jojoba into cobalt blue glass bottle with a spherical applicator @$22.00