“ASHRA”        A new addition to Nature’s Spirit Aphrodisiacs and Natural Parfums

8 ml  in a spherical applicator @ $33.00

      Pure Parfums evoke passions from the Soul. When we Kiss, We Smell. Yes, especially when we are intense and adventures about it. Arousal and excitement brings forth our personal pheromones. The more pure we are the better we will exude our own scent instead of one of artificiality that is  a part in all synthetic fragrances. The apocrine glands that are located on the face, in the armpits and lower private regions carry the hormones forth as we breath and move.The limbic area and the hypothalamus (regulating hormones) produce a link between scent and sexuality.

Originating from the now extinct Ancient Isles of the Dawn this name “ASHRA” has come to me for the titling of this new creation. In mythology ASHRA is translated as being the “Light of the World”.  AS one of the three primal deities named by “ARN”, He is known to represent goodness. ARN is known as the first who created and planted the Magical Earth. This High being represents the personification of all the Universal forces. 
       This  aromatic potion is to positively assist with  activating  Primal Passions.  The synergy of these botanical essences allow the senses the ability of tapping into something deep, powerful and ultimately beautiful within the human psyche. Pure Plant parfums resonate with our intrinsic natural self, allowing the freedom of expression to flow. These subtle unseen forces of the Energies of Nature are  powerful. Selecting the desired plants infuses their traits, intermingling with our actions and energies, allowing inward  focus of will and Spirit. Every force has an intrinsic value and vibration allowing an interchange of energies. One may consider this as a sort of Karmic exchange. 
Scents bring recognition in various ways. As the Mind, Body and Spirit co-mingle, the etheric essences fill the atmos with their essence.  These scents induce Intuition, Imagination, Creativity and Awareness by the “waves” of Nature’s Spirit. The limbic system connects into the very core of our being. As a scent passes directly through the olfactory channels of the limbic system it avoids the  primary action of the cerebral cortex  (Intellect) and allows use to “Feel” through our emotions and instincts what this essence portrays to us.  Our subconscious will decipher the messages before we have the chance to think about it ! This happens in a flash, though.  When  we Feel the  scent One may say we are following our Heart, Our Spirit,  with our very Soul guiding. The psychological process of the brain is of wonderful value. 

The essential oils of Mysore Sandalwood, Somalian Frankincense, Vintage Indian Patchouli, Kenyan Myrrh, A special Amber formulation, Benzoin, Jasmine, Ambrette Seed are immersed into pure organic golden jojoba, allowing this potion to be directly applied onto the body. It has a very high percentage of essential oils and is long lasting.