Artemesia (Mugwort)


ARTEMESI Artemesia vulgaris (Mugwort)   Herb    NOT FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY     Turkey 

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        Artemesia vulgaris essential oil is steam distilled from the flowering tops of this herb.  I have  always grown this in the garden by the entrance of my home and business establishments.  As with many herbs, there are ways that they enhance just being present in a garden when the essential oils are potent, releasing them to the air as they grow. I like the live plant for the protective energy, it’s scent is commanding and stands guard intermingling  with many other plants fusing the energy.The essential oil I have imported is from Turkey and it is known to grow in various temperate regions around the globe.  When using this essential plant oil I do highly recommend knowing  that this herb is too potent to blend for body formulations , yet it is remarkable for protecting our energy field that surrounds the body. It may be used cautiously for meditation, atmospheric enhancement and in a mist for releasing energetic vibrations.These days I like to add drop into the cleansing water for floor washing. It has much value for keeping the safety of ourselves.

        There is much folklore and many superstitions that surround this plant, metaphysically this aromatic herb is known as a protective charm to ward off evil influences. An excellent attribute is the psychic protection that this potent plant offers. Some consider this a witchy and wonder-some remedy for all that may ail one. Inhalation of this powerful essence will calm the nerves and allow deep relaxation of the mind and muscles. A drop or two may be added into a  blend such as a pure parfum or personal potion and as long as there are other botanicals making up the majority of the creation.

Historically regarded as a woman's plant for the womb it was often used in combinations and formulations for wellness. I do believe though that it was used mostly as an herb when added into blends, and it is best to avoid this in personal hygienic care. Mugwort is most certainly  an emmenagogue therefore it should be avoided during pregnancy and when nursing. This is the herb that is used in moxibustion by therapists to stimulate the het from within the body to expel toxins. It is often combined with acupuncture and Ayurvedic techniques.