Aries Insight

      Aries astrological sign has dominance from  March 21st through April 20th.  
This zodiac sign is known as the Red Hawk in Sun Bears Native American Earth astrology.  It is a time when Spring beckons with its call of bright wildflowers during this  “Budding Moon”. In Native American astrology the fiery Opal is a totem stone that portrays the magic powers that shine!  How very symbolic.
       Aries may be headstrong and I mean this is  a very good way. The Zodiac portrays a  Ram with its horns of course, associated with the head and the ability to forge through situations that may require quick actions. Speaking for myself, being born in this sign I know that Aries like to do things quickly. At least start them with the fiery spark that sparkles with creative ideas and energetic actions. Aries need to keep going to follow through to see the ideas they envision flourish. 
        As the first sign in the Zodiac, Aries are pioneers, eager to create and explore.  Sometimes with child like enthusiasm Aries will go forth with any idea that is intriguing despite possible obstacles.With enthusiastic viewpoints and spontaneous actions, sometimes this Sun sign is mis-understood as being impatient and bossy. {Who me?? Ha.}      Aries do love to be in the lead, making the way they vision a reality. Taking the positive approach of utilizing this energy often results with magnificent manifestations. Fire may be tricky, it must be kindled to keep the flame alight. Once an Aries makes up their mind it usually will go that way or else the shadow side may have to be tempered so as not to singe any frail situations. Most Aries come from the heart and are more sensitive than they may appear because of their indomitable strength and often courageous actions.

Frankincense imparts the purity of intention while protecting, guarding proper mindset. 
Elemi transports the etheric psychic prevalent powers allowing physical integration.
Patchouli invokes earthy passion while supporting the body and comforting the Soul.
Rosemary stimulating thoughts and creative actions to develop into desired realities.
Narcissus du Montagne is a rare and intense floral absolute that encourages self delight. 
Cambodian Oud sets the base of mystery and allows this sacred ancient knowledge to flow.
Honeysuckle absolute buzzes with its nectar of sweetness mingled with joy and euphoria.
Rose Geranium comforts the heart and helps to keep balance with body and emotion. 
Rose keeps the Love in all actions, allowing the heart to lead to the head and hands.
Helichrysum imparts  vibratory radiance from the sun with its glowing fortifying energy.
Ambrette Seed inspires  with the emphasis of new ideas and thoughts seeded and growing. 
Cardamom Co2 is as an invigorating catalyst for neurotic energies held within the mind.
Black Pepper is perky and will boost the other botanicals with its spark and spice.
Nutmeg quickens actions and encourages imaginativeness adding spontaneous delight.
Rosemary for remembrance and for expanding breath  to be living life to the fullest.

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