Aquarian Vibe


The Aquarius astrological sign has dominance from January 20th/21st  until February  18th/19th. This Air sign is ruled by the mercurial planet Uranus.  
An open mind full of intelligence along with a spark of the Divine makes the Aquarians interesting indeed. Often called a Wolf Moon perhaps due to the great 
teachings the Earth teaches us during this time. We must keep our faith and trust with proper knowledge and give gratitude.
In Earth Medicine astrology this is known as the Rest & Cleansing Moon with an Otter totem. Playful, pleasant and full of curiosity like the otters these folks 
are fun and interesting especially in unconventional ways.  High frequency airwaves are about! 
         I created a concoction with two very special friends who are both Aquarians and even share the same birthday, how about that ! The base of the Zodiac
 blend is with this one named “ANCHORING the AGE of AQUARIUS”, which is another blend with a Universal magical element that is unique to the new time, 
not just this Zodiac sign. This blend will incorporate that energy with a playful  “Hip” twist.

Bergamot (Bergapatene free so it is safe in the Sun) carries radiance 
Frankincense  purifies the past as it enlightens awareness
Black Spruce allows fresh breath filling up airways
Blue Cypress channels a cosmic vibratory flow of energy
Coffee Flower heightens beauty with a most delightful soft sweetness
Patchouli grounds and protects  allowing whimsical ideas to become secure
Wild Benzoin from Laos offers mystery, passion and exoticness 
Basil is green and bright with energetic and propsperous energy
Calamus Root has great depth seeking the unknown with sweetness 
Costus is honored in ancient texts as a  magical healing botanical  
Dragons Blood Powder empowers this potion


$12.00 per 1 ml  neat      $55 For 5ml neat
$21.00 for a 1 oz myst in Lavender hydrosol
$38.00 for a 2 oz extension into Jojoba for full body anointment
$21.00 for an 8ml in Jojoba for a stronger lip, under the nostril & pulse points application.