Anise (Star Anise)


ANISE, STAR          Illicium Verum
      This flavorful botanical is a  delightful digestive. These star shaped seeds are encapsulated to a degree by their outer casing. 
In the steam distillation processes the whole star is used. I pop the seeds  out and eat them like fennel with comparable qualities. 
Star Anise is known as a  keen ingredient of many Indo-China recopies. The seeds are used as a digestive and breath freshener.
All in all from mouth to tummy to elimination this botanical has historically been useful to the gastro-intestinal system. 
16th century navigators introduced Star Anise to Europe and it soon become popular for flavoring liqueurs.  It may be known as “Anise-Vert”
due to the greenish coloring it exhibits.
     These seeds assist with menopausal changes due to the estrogen like properties. It is an emmenagogue, aids childbirth, 
increases milk secretion, and is antispasmodic for nerves and muscles. Anise is indicated for lack of menstruation, menopause, 
colitis, and poor breathing due to nerves. Thus its use should be avoided during pregnancy.  In moderation as a spice it is fine. 
The scent is uplifting and invigorating to the olfactory senses. Circulation is increased helping with easing of aches and symptoms 
of asthma. If applied onto the skin must be in carrier base and should be used in moderation due to its anethole content.
     On a metaphysical note  there is an astral dimension indicated due to the star shape. Consider the intensity of what 
is contained within, such as a mother holds the powers and uses their strengths as needed. There is a  Jupiter planetary 
astrological association is with the Crown Chakra.

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