Angelica Root


ANGELICA ROOT Angelica archangelica  steam distilled       France 


Angelica archangelica  essential oil is both steam distilled and gathered through CO2 extraction. The essential oil is derived from the seeds and also the roots. The message that Angelica “AngelGrass” is presented to us for healing sickness and preventing the plague is known to have come from the Angels. Many medieval mystical beliefs surround this herb that historically has been used in magical rituals to ward off any evil spells cast in ones direction. As an elemental “air” essential oil it is a plant of communication and protection; also ruled by the sun this energizing botanical clears the system of unwanted invaders, as it stimulates the digestive process it promotes perspiration, allowing the body systems to detoxify and cool. This remedy should be avoided during pregnancy as it will  regulate and encourage the onset of the menses, however the plant is useful in remedying all sorts of possible anguish during the birthing process. 

      This life source is from deep within the earth that flows through a hollow tube to the flowers which create hundreds of Umbilliferae yielding an immense amount of tiny fragrant seeds. I grew quite a bit of this plant and it always amazes me at how symbolic these forces of nature are. This plant makes me see the process of our existence through its formation. The deepness of the earth that grows a stalk that is a conduit for the flow of chi, for the alignment of the chakras and the ascension to the Spiritual dimension. Of course this is my interpretation of this plant; the effect is both  earthly stabilizing and Spiritually sacred.

      Smelling the essential oil is a heightened intense experience. A drop reaches far into the subconscious and will alter the mind a bit. The scent is uniquely strong. Of course I always recommend a synergy as they are most often the best form working in unison with the whole, so often a drop or two into a much more complex blend will be enhanced through the addition of this powerful plant force.

      It is important to understand that all batches of essential oil are unique in true aromatherapy. Oil of Angelica seed yields slightly different physiochemical components. The tonic actions of this plant is impressive. It is extremely potent so a minute quantity goes a long way. Angelica is known to cure migraine headaches. I have witnessed the facial expressions of relief with the inhalation of the essential oil from some, yet there must be an affinity with the plant or the intensity could repel one. Hence, as I always recommend synergies for most people. I do love the individual intensities of each essential oil. as It is also a tonic for the liver,  the heart and the spleen which is regarded as the seat of the soul.

     Angelica herb is recorded to be of great value to many Native American tribes. The Creeks used the roots as an analgesic for upset stomach ailments and to relieve low back pain.The Mendocinos utilized this botanical to calm hysterics and anguish and ease nightmares.   Angelica  has relieved many symptoms due to  allergies and even snakebites. The Paiutes made hot decoctions to apply onto the throat and lungs to ease distress. Angelica is often a component in salves to heal cuts, sores, rashes and reduce swelling. Often the plant was used for fumigation to ease migraines and dispel evil entities. This  incredible plant comforts the heart nourishes the liver and the circulation and movement of the blood. This  medicinal value of this incredible plant ally will help to alleviate all sorts of pain from toothache to child birthing.  There is reference of easing alcohol addiction and also caution for diabetics as  noted by herbalist James Duke.

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