Angelica Root CO2 Select

ANGELICA ROOT  CO2 Select    Angelics Archangelica  
German origin, wildcrafted
$36.00 per ml 

”Angel Grass” is known to ward off evil Spirits as it protects life energies. Paracelsus considered this a “marvelous medicine” during the plague.                                                                                                                  The protective qualities will ease the nerves as it stills the mind. Beneficial for the respiratory system; known to reduce infections,                                                                                                                                ease coughs along with soothing the sinuses and minimizing  asthmatic conditions. In China this is known as “female Ginseng” used for                                                                                                                 menstruation and menopause . Considered to be a very powerful heart tonic, lymph and blood purifier. Aa a  base chakra note it is  good for grounding with support, strengthening the body while aligning with the highest frequencies we may radiate with.Wonderful for Sacred scenting. The etheric energy and the  odiferous quality  add mystery and energy to a parfum .

 Co2 extraction =Carbon Dioxide Extracts. 
Hypercritical carbon dioxide extraction is a relatively new process used to extract the essence of the plant. 
Just a few years back the cost was mostly prohibitive, yet now with advanced technology there are many more botanicals offered in this form.

When a certain amount of pressure is applied to carbon dioxide the gas turns into liquid. 
This is like a safe odorless and tasteless “liquid solvent” so to speak.

There is a book written by Madeleine Kerkhof that has much detailed information:

CO2 extracts in aromatherapy  50+ extracts for clinical application   (2018)