AMYRIS Amyris balsamifera     Wood      Haiti

10ml @ $14.00     1 oz @$32.00 

        Amyris balsamifera wood is steam distilled to produce the essential oil. It comes mainly from Haiti, yet it is now cultivated in other tropical zones worldwide. This thick and pleasantly mild wood is well regarded as a perfume fixative. It has health benefits known to assist circulation and cardiovascular functions assisting lymphatic flow with the subtle strengthening powers it carries.This mild substance is a wonderful  pure botanical component often used to extend  formulations. Amyris will assist with the staying power of a parfum and it has a mild scent that allows it to intermingle well, without dominating the blend. Amyris has been mistakenly called West Indian Sandalwood. It s a real wood, with beneficial attributes, but far from being Sandalwood. Clearly consumers have been very confused by the slang name, and then wondering why the Sandalwood is so costly, hence it is wise to know the latin name is when investing in essential oils and any other form of true botanicals.