Amni Visnaga


AMNI VISNAGA   Amni Visnaga Khella    seeds steam distilled from Morocco

1ml @$33.00    4ml @$122.00    5 ml @ $144.00

        Amni visnaga seed essential oil is also known as Khella seed essential oil. The origin  of these potent seeds is in the Nile Delta, now steam distilled in Morocco. It is documented in Eber’s papyrus that Khella seeds were therapeutically used by the ancient Egyptians. They were recorded as being  used as a stimulant for the movement of feminine chi energy, easing cramps and promoting menstruation. Due to this recorded use it is best to avoid excess use during pregnancy. A tonic/ointment was also prepared for the kidney and bladder to activate the free flow of urine. These dynamic seeds have antispasmodic actions which are especially useful in treating asthmatic conditions. Inhalation of this essential provides relief from spasms in the smooth muscles of the bronchi. A drop or two in a formulation is excellent for the respiration, heart performance and lymphatic flow. The essential is  also a heart tonic that will dilate the coronary blood vessels quickening actions of blood supply. This powerful botanical is effectual with its  support to the body systems. The aroma immediately opens the sinus cavity, allowing a better intake of oxygen which has powerful impact in supporting the bodies wellness and strengthening immunity, which in turn is effective in preventing viral infections. 

When inhaling the aromatic essence right from the bottle one will immediately have an opening up of the senses. A deep inhale of Amni Visnaga  opened my eyes, my lungs and brought an awareness greater than that of the physical human presence that I currently inhabit.