AMBRETTE.  Abelmoschus Moschatus  seeds steam distilled from India

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       The essential oil of Abelmoschus Moschatus is steam distilled from seeds of this evergreen shrub of the Malvaceae  (Hibiscus) family. A CO2 version is also an option for this delightful botanical. Native to India and also cultivated in tropical climates, these seeds are obtained from a pyramidical shaped capsule contained in the purple center of the single yellow flower. These charming jewel like seeds contain musk-like qualities that take time to settle in as the essential oil  “ages”  for perfuming. Ambrette seed is also referred to as  musk-seed. The scent is rather unusual and not as earthy as musk (which is sadly derived from living creatures and how it is sourced is rather questionable and to me usually inhumane). Fortunately, although very different in its essences and energy Ambrette seed is excellent as a base note in natural perfumery. It is wonderful that naturally created perfumery uses botanicals while not sacrificing the life (or integrity) of musk giving mammals.

        I love to add this delightful component into some of my parfum creations. I began Nature’s Spirit with the intention to create natural parfums and other olfactory pleasures. When we stick to natural enhancements with scent, keeping with only pure botanicals we allow our own personal essence to come through. The original musk was derived from the excretion from sexual centers of certain animals such as musk deer and civet cats.  I do not think many people realize that the musk they seek is either a toxic synthetic highly aromatic chemical or it was derived in ways  from these creatures that I would rather not write about here. Let's just say it was usually not humane or ethical in its acquisition.We evoke our own pheromones; there is absolutely no need to have to have another animal scent as a fixative. We ourselves are mammals and carry a unique scent profile in our personal body chemistry odor. Ambrette seed is lovely, non animalistic with a deep earthy tone capturing the true pheromonal essence of the person wearing it. 

If one is chemically sensitive and intolerant of toxic chemicals they too will suffer from exposure  of artificial fragrance. Ambrette seed brings in a new alternative energy to  a what is musky scent. Ambrette seed  does not really smell like “musk, yet in some combinations it adds that earthy seedy component that adds a desired enhancement to the olfactory receptors. This liquid Ambrette seed is a valuable component in some high grade perfumes. The odour is much smoother than any synthetic of course, so some of the older houses of fine perfumes still add some of the vintage components that once led the way in the original parfum a natural fragrance component.  I use it sparingly in some mixtures. A wee bit of Ambrette carries through a long way.

Not surprisingly, this fragrant botanical essential oil is known to reduce stress, alleviate anxieties and ease tension. Certainly a perfume should make one feel at ease as well as sensual and divine. Often just a drop or two of a component such as Ambrette will make an aromatic synergy favorable and evoke pleasant emotions. Plant essences have and share the beauty of themselves as they share their essence with others.Scent as well as sensual passions should be sacred. When one uses pure botanicals the spiritual vibration is high and  the sense of true and honest self prevails in all aspects of  this union. Historically the seeds of Ambrette have been used for calming the nerves, relief from headaches, easing cramps and alleviating nausea. In the East the seeds are widely used as a spice for flavoring beverages and to sweeten the breath.. Current research notes some detoxifying effects of this essential oil as it stimulates the adrenals to increase the bodies natural healing  and reparative qualities from the use of steroids and drugs.  Properties include: antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, carminative, nervine, stimulant and stomachic.