ALLSPICE   Pimenta officinalis  steam distilled berry fruit/leaves from West Indies          

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Pimenta dioica officinalis is an evergreen tree from the myrtaceae family native to the West Indies and South America, also cultivated in Jamacia. The superior essential oil of Allspice is derived mainly from the steam distillation of the fruit of the kidney shaped seeds that includes some of the casings and a few leaves. It takes 3 years for the tree to produce the extractable fruits for the distillation process, just as it takes time for the body actions to shift.The fine odour of this unique botanical suggests a combination of other fragrant spices within itself. However it is a component of this tree, not a mixture of spices. A combination of the potent clove seed, spicy cinnamon, pungent juniper berries and intense black pepper naturally mimic this scent, yet give a totally different effect on the systems.

I once helped to plant one of these lovely specimens in a Florida yard. It is  also a joy planting and seeing the actual form of the species we smell and utilize. Although I  never did see it berry, the leaves were intensely aromatic and energizing in their inhalation when crushed in my hand releasing some of the essential oils. A small bit goes very long way in an essential oil for it takes much more than a handful for a single drop. Very perky is a good description for its first aromatic olfactory impression. It takes more plant matter than a single tree to be able to exude the essential life oil and gather a quantity of it. This being the case of course I must import the essential oils from their native countries of origins where they thrive. The production of essential oils  offers a means of sustainable agriculture to the local inhabitants, they are renewable plant resources and they give their essential life force to carry on in the physical/atmospheric domain.  Many masculine toiletries are formed with the addition of Allspice essential oil: soaps and aftershaves along with tonic splashes are often enhanced with this aromatic component. Unfortunately, the majority of the cosmetic and fragrance industry uses only a small percentage of true botanicals along with synthetics and dangerously toxic preservatives. As in the honored ways of Nature from way back when and currently with me, creations are formed with only botanicals that evoke their sincere soul force with their unique smell. The emotional impact of each scent as it reaches the brain  carries messages from Nature. 

  Allspice essential oil is uplifting. There are variety of ways in may be employed in the household to add its warmth and energies. Adding a few drops in the kitchen as an air freshener makes the room warm with spice. This essential  oil is a pleasing essence that will arouse the mind and mental capabilities. Although known to alleviate muscular aches and respiratory distress I mainly choose other essential oils that are a bit gentler in their chemical make-up. Allspice contains mega amounts of eugenol, which may irritate mucous membranes and skin tissue. If used at all in these body preparations they should be used in extreme moderation. Historically this plant has been used to treat dental and viral infections. Properties include: anesthetic, analgesic, antioxidant, antiseptic, carminative, digestive, immune enhancer, muscle relaxant, rubefacient, stimulant, tonic.This essential oil should be avoided during pregnancy.