( image by Florence Harrison 1904)

Feeling the light from within is essential; this inner spark that signifies our essence within our core of being. It may seem as a soulful power giving us this existence in the now.

Plants are guides for me. The powers of their scents fill my mind with images and emotions and I believe messages intrinsic to instinctual knowledge, reaching far beyond the normal cognitive thought processes.

Winter Solstice is a time when one reckons with darkness, realizing the shifting seasons guide our instincts for renewal, revival, trust and acceptance of life changes. With this imagery of the time scape I have formulated this blend  along with my friend Cecily. Sharing our thoughts and insights made this formulation come to life. A new blend in a bottle with the scents that correspond to the feeling of this Solstice evening with the darkness enveloping us, empowering us to see beyond, to sense the mystery and depth of change and the appreciation of setting forth intentions for newness that is now rooting, emerging as the time passes towards the Spring equinox. 

Bergamot draws the Sunshine within, allowing the mind to sense optimistic rejuvenation

Vetyver delves deep into rooted darkness, very stabilizing; holding firm to the earth 

Mandarin brings a delightful and joyous “scentual” encounter with a sweetly zesty vitality

Elemi is a resin that sparks the light of imagination, creation and intuitive guidance

Spruce is wonderful with its sweeping presence of purity and stability through all seasons

Thuja known as “the Tree of Life” protects the sacred connection from Earth to Heaven

Violet Leaf & Bud empowers the heart with the life giving traits it offers to our being

Nagarmotha revels in tuning in the senses, allowing deep healing of body systems

Calamus evokes the magic of the unseen with its sweet root that evokes into Blossoms

5ml  neat  $22.00