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Ada's Realm



Years ago on May 19th Ada & I sat together discussing a realm of existence which we are part of that exists in such a dimension that is incomprehensible by our human mind & limited by the body in which our soul inhabits. Ada always connected my mind into a collective consciousness delving into the etheric planes of thought, where actuality & visualization meet. As she might say I allowed the Goddess wizardry to come through me in this creation. On May 19th 2010 my Beloved Andrea Rose departed from this earthly plane after having an allergic reaction to a candy she ate at a friend’s house. Earlier that day we had been smiling, laughing, dancing & holding hands as we enjoyed Cocoa Village in the afternoon after her school day. We had a wonderful special time. I see her smile as she walked away to go out that early evening. How could I know in a few hours she would enter the land of Spirit? I am so glad we shared these joyous loving memories this day. I continue to live on the memories, yet I allow her Spirit to speak to & through me.

Perhaps May 19th is Andrea’s Spirit birth day. Perhaps Ada has come into my life to remind & reinforce to me my own Spiritual beliefs & connections. It takes a lot of faith to believe when your little girl’s life is yanked away from you so suddenly! I must remember what I know to be true of our Soul; of Eternal Divinity.

I did not realize when I decided to write about all these blends that were created as my mind & Spirit co mingled with that of Ada’s that this date was when one of the blends was made. Was this coincidence? (1 0f 365 & 1/4) I must speak of the significance. Ada has taught me a further reality of the Spirit world unveiled. Andrea’s realm in the Heavens is teaching me a new way to unite & communicate with this Eternal & Universal love. Andrea is truly a Devic Dakini. Rose Geranium Choosing Love. Healing the heart from grief, allowing life to flow.

Ylang Ylang Extra Superior          Opening higher planes of Spiritual joy.

Frankincense                                Clearing old ways to accept karmic shifts.

Hyssop                                          Breathing through the humanness of situations. 

Myrrh                                           Closure of old ways & healing past traumas.

Elemi                                             Enhancing the union of Spirit with body & Soul. 

Vetyver                                         Grounding the Earthliness while preparing for Ascension.

Angelica                                        Accepting Angelic guidance & healing. Sensing Beauty& Benevolence.  

Helichrysum                                  Seeing & believing in Eternal Light & Love. Immortal Soul force. 

Yarrow                                          Deep strength to remain & carry forth good as a physical being. 

Cistus                                           Allowing pains to be understood, accepted & transformed to LOVE.

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