A Newness


A loving and comforting skin moisturizer with precious luxurious essential oils. 

Added into pure Jojoba with Rose Hip Seed oil for facial “newness”. 
1     ounce @$108.00       1/2 ounce  @ $55.00    

In an 8 ml glass bottle with a spherical applicator for ease of application; especially useful for the lips and under the nostrils to serve as a protective barrier to the olfactory system.
8 ml @ $33,00

Rose, Pure Rosa damascena entered with Love
Neroli adds her starlight soothing magic
Mysore Sandalwood transports the flow within
Frankincense provides Peace, shielding the Spirit
Myrrh comes to heal wounds of grief and age
Helichrysum evokes Immortal benevolence
Cistus soothes the Soul offering deep Healing 
Blue Chamomile travels the pathways  guiding life’s flow 
On a soulful emotional level this was made for heartache of a tremendous physical loss, yet wit the acknowledgement that Eternal Love is alway in existence

It is interesting how there always is such synchronicity in most all of what I do, especially with Nature’s Spirit. The first mail of the year came with my issue of The Journal of Professional Holistic Aromatherapy; a quarterly publication I have looked forward to for many years now. This journal has always seemed to validate my work. Quite often the very scientific articles with research details match what I have intuitively felt for decades. I really love these validations.
        This issue has an extraordinarily well referenced article titled Lipid-Based Preparations in Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals. In this I discovered a new most appropriate term which is “cosmeceutical”, basically validating the cosmetic products that are used for personal care and therapeutic use. On a biological level, my skin care formulations fit into this category. These formulations with plant lipids  are beneficial to the body with the moisturizing attributes which also form a protective barrier on the skin while improving the appearance, texture and structure of the epidermis. The carrier bases that I use are all pure and provide immense help to keep the skin soft and supple as they serve as a base for the essential oils to seep into the interstitial fluids to travel the inner being imparting their wellness.
Interesting on a biological level, I think of the inner being as the various unseen parts of our human anatomy that keep us alive in human form. Yet, typically I think of the inner being as Spirit and Soul within our physical form. More synchronicity? Yes, of course. It is all connected. Considering the whole self, we can create with goodness for our wellness of body, mind, Spirit and Soul. Of course when formulating for the biological body I always research the plant oils along with my inner guidance.  In the 33 years of blending  I have seen a lot of data with recognition of the powerful and potent yet peaceful plant properties. In formulating this new blend I was focused on my Soulful heartfelt feelings of the new year and the multitude of changes I have felt and witnessed for many years now. My intention to begin this life with “A NEWNESS” for my soul and the skin which encompasses the Spirit which guides me. These essential oils all connect with me on a deep Spiritual level while fostering needed care for my body.