7 Shields of Thought



A web of mentally transformative botanicals to keep brain waves at a high frequency aligning with the spirit to allow expression through thought, words & actions.

Rosemary, Mentally Alerting Stimulates noradrenalin.

Bergamot, Increases Optimistic bright thought patterns.

Rose Geranium, Balances hormones & the polarity of the brain.

Patchouli, Grounds the physical body to be earthly & present.

Bay Laurel, Enhances Expressions of thought with clarity.

Cardamom, Invigorates & strengthens mental capabilities.

Coriander, A neurotonic (strengthens nervous system).

1 oz Myst into  Hydrosol @$19.00

2oz Myst into  Hydrosol @$36.00 

5 ml Neat@$45.00