3 Verdant Trees

3 VERDANT TREES    A trinity of Green essential oils in unison
These 3 essential oils  are blended in a  neat synergy to be used in the atmosphere,  added to a hydrosol or pure water for a myst, to put into water for cleansing and pure enough to be extended into a proper vegetal carrier base for body application. Some traits are listed below portraying their individual qualities.

4 ml (dram )  @ $ 7.00
10 ml neat     @ $15.00
1 ounce neat  @$33.00  

Pinus sylvestris ,otherwise known as Scotch Pine is known to be a safe and useful.The needles which ield this essential is steam distilled most often in Hungary and Bulgaria. This uplifting scent will soothe bronchial distress, clear the sinuses and ease head congestion. Remarkably, this is known to alleviate cold and flu symptoms as it enhances the immune system. Pine essential oil is a great component for household cleaning and aromatizing as it refreshes and revitalizes the atmosphere while it serves as disinfectant. The bright scent is reminiscent of the Forest bringing in that Earthy energy that often instills peace and harmony as it clears the auric field of negativity. With the energy of these aromatic virtues the heart is calmed and the nerves are soothed.
       This Evergreen aroma is very favored for Holiday mood enhancement! Adding some spices with this refreshing essence helps to bring out the joyousness  of the season.  Pine resonates with the winter solstice as it is a time to settle in and allow the protection of the trees to shelter us in so many ways.

 Picea mariana essential oils is steam distilled  derived from the needles and twigs of these Black Spruce which are native to Canada.There are numerous therapeutic respiratory effects along with being mucolytic,  expectorant and antiseptic. Other values are  anti-inflammatory and analgesic traits beneficial in formulations for the body.  In a massage blend this Evergreen essential oil it will penetrate deeply, allowing the muscles to relax and be eased. Along with the soothing and comforting traits on the physical level  Spruce allows one to feel the Forest with a deep sense of protective comfort and Earthly grounding. Dr Kurt Schnabelt writes that Black Spruce will strengthen and support the adrenal glands during times of stress and fatigue. This really supports the lungs!
      Black Spruce will enliven the body and mind with our Spirit. This is an excellent essential oil for the atmosphere to enhance the vibrational energy as well as purifying air quality. The refreshing essence opens up our senses, supporting and securing  a comforting and safe environment. The potent cleansing values clears the air for breathing and relaxing.  When we breath better it soothes nerves and eases muscular fatigue. The evergreens  are emotional uplifters for mood and mind. Antiseptic and anti viral benefits are helpful in preventing diseases from entering the body.These molecules  are like an auric force field with their Tree Energy that protect us and give us strength. 

          Abies sibirica essential oil is steam distilled  from the needles in Russia. 
This is one of the safest and most useful Pine essential oils. It has a bright fresh scent, known to awaken the respiratory channels, easing bronchial distress, clearing the head,  as it assists alleviating cold and flu symptoms. 
The Fir Needle aromatic values are many. It refreshes and revitalizes the atmosphere while it serves as disinfectant for cleaning the house, office and car. A Very Green scent invites the Forest into the area with the crisp air that feels vibrant and clean.   This Forest energy  often instills peace and harmony as it comforts a weary mind and offers solace to the Soul.  Great for Holiday aromatizing!