Nature's Spirit Distinctive Aromatherapy Alliance of International Aromatherapists-Vintage Aromatherapist
There are numerous possibilities for classes to offer while we are still here in Eau Gallie. I will be listing them in the emails.  If interested please contact me at 321-632-1221 or Doreen as soon as you are certain you wish to attend so that I may hold your spot.  These sessions are for groups of 4-6, so I am offering the same class at various times to accommodate more folks. Some of you have only the weekends free, hence a Saturday event and some have a more flexible schedule so Monday may be better. Let's see how this works.


Monday    September 24    6 pm- 9pm
         Class  fee is $55.00 
This includes a choosing one of select blends honoring the season, snacks, beverages and of course the Aromatic Essences you will have the opportunity to experience.  

      This is a way to come together with gratitude for all we have, and all we will acquire. We will set positive intentions for the time coming forth.
     I will share some plant lore along traditions from long ago to this day forward.
     I will select certain essential oils & synergies to explore during this time. A choice of one item is included in your fee, however there will be more available for purchase of course. 

This is held at a private location and is limited to about 6 guests at a time. Please call me at 321-632-1221 for details and to reserve your spot. 
As usual one must be fragrance free of any artificial fragrancing from perfumes, shampoos, soaps, laundry detergents, hairspray and lotions and tobacco residue.

This will be a snack type event. Nuts & dried fruits will be offered along with pure water & an herbal tisane that I will create.
 Feel free to bring an organic vegetarian delight to share.  Following the Yogic tradition NO garlic or onions or eggs please. (Goat cheese is ok)