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Oh, how I wish the world was more "real", in the sense of being in tune with Nature. I hand wrote this page about Vanilla about 30 years ago. The precious substance is not actually an essential oil. As indicated in the current write up it is an absolute that must be extracted through a pure solvent. That is a whole other story for purity too !

Real Vanilla pods exude an aromatic essence that is impossible to be duplicated by means of artificiality. 
We were assaulted on a morning walk with the fake fragrance of a passerby. These artificial substances are harsh in many senses. If you want something Vanilla then expect to pay a proper high dollar price.

We are speaking of the TRUE ABSOLUTE, which is very different from the pure Vanilla extract used for baking. Even within the culinary realm there is a vast differentiation in real ingredients in confections. True Chocolate Lovers know exactly what I mean there.

We are offering the opportunity to experience the REAL TRUE AROMATIC of VANILLA ABSOLUTE.

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VANILLA Vanilla aromatica plantifolia Bean pod Absolute (SE) Madagascar

Miniscule seeds from an elongated pod produce this thick luscious gooey-ness of essential oil. A very yummy and appealing aphrodisiac that smells sweet, yet it is the scent not the flavor that gives it its appeal. Just as in baking, vanilla is added in as a component to enhance flavor. So, also with blending, vanilla adds a spark of delight to a mixture.

Pharmaceutically vanilla is used for its properties to stimulate the appetite. One may say that as an aphrodisiac and parfum it stimulates passionate desire. As with anything else in the world of authentic aromatherapy there is no substitute for what is real. There is a very small yield of pure essential oil from the bean pod, so the cost is fairly high in most people’s eyes. However when one understands the source it seems a bargain. Yet due to the modern world of synthetic fragrancing vanilla is usually very adultered therefore most scents that contain a so called vanilla scent are derived from synthetic components. Surely one would want what’s real, not fake. Combining sensuality with spirituality is a sincere way to invoke lasting passion. 
I realized that in sniffing the seed essential oils the scent indicated if it belonged with cooking, condiments or deserts. Food is a vital life source. Flavor indicates the actions. Basic food is nourishment, assimilation and digestion with sweetness of desire. The scent of vanilla increases the appetite, be it for consumption or eroticism. Our sense of smell is a far greater indicator of natural healing than many realize. 
This aphrodisiac with its sensuous fragrance is indeed the real absolute. Most of the so called Vanilla scents out there are synthetic fragrance oils that give me an immediate headache. 
When you see the price you can understand why the industry uses synthetics :) We will not offer any essential oils containing artificial products or those of inferior quality.

One may use Benzoin of Tolu Balsam for a similar note that is much less costly if this is out of your price range.

1 ml @$88.00 5ml @$320.00 
Extended into 8ml jojoba in a glass bottle with a spherical applicator @$44.00

SPECIAL use code VANILLA33 TO GET A 33 % DISCOUNT OFF THIS PRECIOUS ESSENCE. This special is from January 6-Febuary 14th 2018.

More true Aromatic coming soon ..... 
Filling our lives with the Love from Nature. 
Doreen and Thomas DuJardin

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Greetings once again. 
We wish Lotsa Love to Everyone everyday on all levels. As we continue on with sharing Nature's Spirt we are offering the following specials through the month of February. 
Be Well 
Enjoy ! 
Doreen And Thomas DuJardin

East African Shea Butter, Organic - $28.00

This Organic East African Shea Butter (Vitellaria nilotica) has a high content of non- saponifiables & unique fatty acid giving it the ability to moisturize & retain elasticity of the skin. Useful for dry & cracked skin, eczema, psoriasis & sun damaged skin.This is produced in Northern Uganda using a pure water filtration technology to carefully process without the use of chemicals,helping to retain its viable nutrients. It is also beneficial during pregnancy, helping the skin retain greater elasticity, therefore reducing the appearance of stretch marks. East African Shea Butter alone for those who desire no scent or wish to add in their own mixture of available pure essential oils. 
4 oz. pot @$28.00 Special through February Purchase one and we will give you another one for free. Limit to purchase of 5 please.

Rosalina - $11.00

ROSALINA Maleleuca ericifolia

Steam distilled essential oil from its Leaf in Australia

As cousin to Tea Tree this botanical holds similar traits yet with a much softer and pleasing scent.This highly beneficial plant offers much in the way of purifying the air as it is vaporized or added into a proper carrier base for body application.

It soothes mucous membranes as it holds gentle yet extraordinarily effective abilities with aiding the lungs; easing respiratory infections and congestion. 
This essential oil that has strong anti-bacterial, anti-viral and immune stimulating properties which will help to eradicate bacteria in the body. 
It is extremely gentle on the skin too, so it is ideal for formulations that soothe and heal skin conditions such as herpes, acne and boils.

10ml $18.00 on special @$11.00 

1oz $44.00 on special @$33.00

Golden Lady Luminary - $20.00

body anointment

Hormone & mood balancing. Uplifting. Helps regulate blood pressure. Brings in positive healing energies to help create a sense of well being & optimism. 
Ylang Ylang Extra Superior, Bergamot & Rose Geranium in jojoba. 
1⁄2 oz @$22.00 
1 oz @$38.00 
2oz Light Essence@$20.00 
4 oz Light Essence@$33.00

We will give you a 1ml of Ylang Ylang Complete as a gift with the purchase of any of these sizes. 1ml for each item!!!

Ylang-Ylang, complete - $16.00

YLANG-YLANG, Complete Cananga odorata genuina Flower Madagascar

This is a true complete of Ylang Ylang, All of the distillations are together. A beautiful full floral, just a little lighter in scent & cost than the Extra Superior. Blends well for personal parfums & it is a lovely addition for skin, hair & body blends . Lifts the Spirit & emotions.

4ml @$16.00 10ml @$36.00 1oz @$108.00