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I am feeling the need to remind people of some of the reasons to live naturally and use non toxic products. After a meeting with a friend this morning I realized that so many people are more concerned over the fear of smelling bad than of what damages the long lasting chemical fragrances might do. It still surprises me that so many people use these toxic products even when they adhere to a mostly natural lifestyle. 
We can smell wonderful with natural plant components in all our products and then we will be a part of a solution in healthy living. We DO have that choice. 
It is a challenge to interface with the public due to so many artificial and toxic scents that permeate the air. The “freshly” laundered clothing of many gives me a headache and the clothing that reeks of laundry detergent causes respiratory distress.  
Has the scent of human odor become a fearful fragrance?  Actually when we are clean, eat a healthy diet, drinks lots of water our perspiration just brings out a body odor that may smell of sweat. 
Ewwwwwww…Did I say sweat? Yes, otherwise called perspiration, which is a healthy natural biological occurrence. I am not suggesting to go unbathed or only disguise oneself with natural substances, not at all. I am emphasizing that our less than perfect human selves are just fine. When we bathe with natural substances using essences that come from nature as opposed to a chemical lab we will emit our natural pheromones and they will combine with the other scents we emit.
The next few paragraphs are full of sad facts. Unfortunately in education we sometimes have to present details that are unpleasant. Seems it’s just not enough to say that it is healthier for us and the planet to use natural and on toxic substances.  Yes, we promote Nature’s Spirit products as alternatives and adjuncts  to other pure unscented cleaning components because of the benefits. Nature’s Spirit began as a wholistic lifestyle shared, for the good of all : People, Plants and the Planet!
 Why do we use pure essential oils and why did I begin so many product lines?
Toxicity prevails in almost all mainstream laundry detergents. If you use the free & clear ones from the companies that only use pure components you are going to be much happier and healthier in your skin.
  It’s not just me being prejudiced against the scents that I can not tolerate. There are reasons behind my sensitivities and I a  therefore presenting some facts.


According to studies, a full 1/3 of all scented detergents contain at least 1 chemical flagged by the EPA as potentially causing cancer. On average, Toxic laundry detergent products emit about  17 carcinogenic substances  that go unlisted on the label due to their “trade protection”. These insidious chemicals   can cause numerous problems such as asthmatic symptoms, itchy eyes, skin irritations and neurological damage.
*Fake Fragrance is a huge culprit. Manufacturers combine a number of synthetic chemicals  to produce a fragrance  that makes many people think there clothes are clean when they are actually polluting the air and playing havoc with the body systems.
 *Cleaning agents known as surfactants are often included in the formula to help 
the product supposedly clean better. Some of the chemical “soup” consist of the
following  substances that include: Quaternium-15 which is known to release
formaldehyde,(a known carcinogen), diethanolamine is linked with skin and eye
 irritation as well as liver disturbances, nonlphenol ethoxylate or NPE is  known to 
be dangerous for aquatic life and is also toxic to the nerves, irritating to the skin
 and a potential hormone disruptor, linear alkyl benzene sulfonates or LAS is 
irritating to skin and eyes and also toxic to aquatic life, and the petroleum
 distillates  that are linked to cancer and lung damage.
*Stabilizers such as polyalkylene oxide or ethylene oxide,  are linked with eye
and lung irritation, and dermatitis. They prolong the shelf life of the product. But
 what are they doing to our lifes?
*Bleach may be used separately or may be included in the detergent itself. It’s 
known to irritate skin, eyes, and lungs, and when it mixes with wastewater, it can 
form toxic organic compounds that have been linked with respiratory issues, liver, 
and kidney damage.
*Brighteners are really scary news to me.  They are adding chemicals that actually 
remain on the clothes to absorb UV light and help clothes “appear” brighter. They
 stay on the clothes which are touching the body therefore playing havoc with the
 mind and body performances. Naphthotriazolystilbenes, benzoxazolyl, 
diaminostilbene disulfonate are some of these agents that are also linked with
developmental and reproductive effects,
*Phosphates & EDTA are used by some manufacturers to make detergents more 
effective in hard water, and to help prevent dirt from settling back on clothes
 when they’re washing. These chemicals have long been associated with
 environmental damage, particularly in our streams and waterways. They cause
 algae blooms that damage ecosystems. Some use  ethylene diamine tetraacetic 
acid (EDTA) in its place, which does not readily biodegrade, and has been found to
be toxic in animal studies.

               Clean ? Really??? Please think about it.
            Please make healthy choices for yourself and the environment. 

Thanks to our Dear friend Danielle I have created yet another Nature’s Spirit
 product upon her request. 

                                                     “LAUNDRY LIFT”
  *Eucalyptus Globulus *White Grapefruit* French Population Lavender*Juniper
This is a synergistic blend of only pure essential oils. A few drops may be added to
 the wash water and then again onto a cloth into the dryer. Just use a  really 
natural unscented laundry detergent and NO dryer sheets.
Test an area  if concerned about any color  residue which could occur on a very 
white fabric.

Special pricing 1 ounce  @$22.00
                       4 ounces @$60.00

This may also be used for cleaning, disinfecting and in a room diffusor.

Everyone has a unique body chemistry. We always note that each product is for use 
with free will and knowledge. People must be aware of any personal sensitivity. It
 still surprises me that so many people do not seemed to be disturbed by all the 
mainstream toxic stuff. Pure essential oils are very potent and need to be used 
with respect and care with regard to each individual.

*Please do not ingest essential oils. Do not apply directly onto the skin and keep
 away from children or anyone else who may not know how to use them.


Aromatherapy & How it Works

Aromatherapy is the art of employing pure botanical essential and base oils to achieve a balance of holistic health. These plant oils are highly concentrated extractions from roots, bark, leaves, herbs, fruit, flowers and seeds which have been grown and harvested within their preferred morphogenic zones. They may be used individually or synergistically blended to provide a wide range of therapeutic values which assist in healing with promoting positive, natural life enhancement.

Now people may wonder how smelling a botanical essence can have an effect on one’s health yet nearly everyone knows that smelling salts have been used for centuries as a means to dramatically bring an unconscious or semiconscious individual into a state of consciousness. The fact is any substance in the air can have a dramatic impact on physiological, psychological & even spiritual responses. Everything, particularly an aromatic scent, has a physical component whether you are aware of a scent or not, if there is a physical component in the air, the nose analyzes it. The sense of smell is known to be 10,000 times more powerful than any other sense. 

Most plant life contains an extractable essential oil. The essential oil contains the vital physiological interactive chemical constituent present in each plant. They are the very same constituents which made the plants valuable medicinally prior to the advent of western medicine and are still heavily relied upon today in the production of many modern medicines. They are also the same substances which make the practice of aromatherapy and herbology effective as a holistic health care alternative. Aromatherapy works in obtaining/maintaining optimum health primarily in two ways, through topical application and inhalation.

  Topical application involves physically applying essential oils to the skin in an appropriate carrier base such as jojoba.Their pure & simple molecular structure allows them to easily pass into the intercellular fluids, lymph ducts, capillaries and finally into the blood stream to circulate throughout the body, helping the major body systems to heal, repair and regulate, as they should. This is particularly effective for those topical applications in which we have some measure of tangible control such as insect bites and tissue damage.

  When the scent of an essential oil is inhaled physiological, psychological and Spiritual responses over which we have little or no control are stimulated; all taking place in the brain.

The brain is composed of two parts; the first part is like a tree that divides into two branches. Each branch then divides in two again and again until it ends in the leaves. These “leaves” is the part of the brain which makes up the cerebral cortex. This is where all learned information is stored controlling conscious and learned responses such as raising or lowering an arm. The other part, the limbic system, is a complex collection of approximately 34 structures with 53 pathways. It controls the non-conscious physiological responses, such as the raising or lowering of blood pressure.

In the scheme of evolution, the limbic system is the ancient part of the brain, predating the intellectual brain. It is responsible for our experiential memories, sensations, feelings and emotions. There is even a structure which controls instinct, or what we usually interpret as the “sixth sense”. The cerebral cortex surrounds the limbic system, protecting it.This is where the nose comes in. 

The nose is basically an exposed nerve which bypasses the cerebral cortex & goes directly to the center of the brain, the limbic system! The olfactory epithelium contains approximately twenty million nerve endings which pick up any “information” in the air. This information is passed on to the olfactory bulb which magnifies it & transmits it to the memory centers where it is analyzed. The memory centers pass the analysis to the control center which then stimulates the appropriate organs &/or glands, producing a physiological or psychological response.

  Through modern scientific research & ancient records, it has been possible to determine which oils contain what constituents along with which scents trigger certain physiological and psychological responses. By carefully choosing the appropriate essential oils, it is possible to holistically control and enhance the healing process. Aromatherapy is not intended as a replacement for modern medical care but as a gentle, healthy method to augment the health with personal care regime.

  We can tune our individual health and well-being and align it to be in conjunction with the whole self, harmonized with the entire planet through her gift of the ethereal scent from essential oils – what I call Nature’s Spirit. 


Our skin reflects our interior being. Our skin protects us and also allows us to absorb nutrition through aromatherapy applications. With the proper carrier base the addition of essential oils will permeate into the interstitial fluids and absorb throughout the whole body. The benefits of using pure botanical therapeutic essential oils are that they will absorb into the bloodstream through the skin to nourish heal and influence the wellness of our whole being.

The thickness of the skin determines the absorption. Care must be used when applying anything near delicate areas of the body such as the eyes and personal centers. The feet, knees, elbows & the rougher areas of our body do not absorb in the same way that the more delicate area does. This somehow must seem instinctual to most people. The epithelium has a combination composed of different types of skin structures which act as barriers, protectors, and enhancers. Damaged skin may be cared for yet also must be taken care of do to the openness and permeability of applied substances. I have found that aromatherapy has helped me in tremendous ways for the course of the past few decades from healing small wounds to more major injuries.  I am a very strong advocate of the effectiveness of pure essential oils as antiseptic restorative and reparative. The sooner one applies the treatment the quicker the healing will occur.

Normally essential oils must be put into a carrier base for safe to absorption into the skin. There are few exceptions as with anything. However generally speaking I would recommend putting essential oils into a base of jojoba and/or another nutritional natural substance that will absorb into the skin. The molecular structure of the carrier base must be small enough to allow the permeability of the essential oils into the interstitial fluids of the body.  Our skin is the largest organ of the body. It renews & replenishes itself approximately once a month. With this renewal the dead skins are sloughed off. When the skin is damaged or mistreated it requires longer for restoration: typically months. However, healing is accelerated with the application of pure aromatherapy essential oils and herbs. With pure botanicals the affected areas are enhanced with gentleness and nutrition.

Our skin is primarily waterproof which allows us to go out into the rain take showers and baths however there are substances that will permeate through it. Substances that have a smaller molecular structure and lower molecular weight will permeate and penetrate into the skin. When these molecules absorb they are beneficial to our interior being and help with healing  &  regulating the body systems. Using a base of pure jojoba immersed with amounts of pure botanical essential oils will permeate into the interstitial fluids because both have a small enough molecular weight to absorb into the skin, whereas substances such as Vaseline and baby oil are petroleum-based and will block the permeation and perhaps clog the pores. In aromatherapy the molecules of the essential oils are absorbed into the skin's epidermis and carried into the capillaries to circulate through the dermis. These molecules are also taken into the lymphatic system through the extracellular fluids. The body breaks down the components of the essential oils into various regions of the body similar to how a multiple vitamin works. Because of the lipid solubility of the pure botanical substances of the essential oils the components that are applied to the skin are able to cross the blood brain barrier and come into contact with the fluids that influence the brain

There are many factors which influence the effects of the essential oils. Depending on the area and the percentage of the skin’s surface on which essential oils are applied will depend upon how his actions are influenced. When inhaled the mind/mood characteristics of the essential oils goes directly to the brain affecting the mind. And/ or as an application onto the skin is the most therapeutic and beneficial way of incorporating essential oils in everyday skin care.

For general well-being, daily maintenance, enhancement and healing essential oils play a vital invaluable part in everyday skin care. Different areas of the skin are more permeable than others. Our hands and feet are much less sensitive than more delicate areas of the body, so the absorption is quicker and more intense than most sensitive and delicate areas then exterior areas that are more prone to have contact with other substances. Skin it is fatty as having cellulite and subcutaneous fats have a poorer cell supply of blood therefore decreasing circulation and slowing the absorption of the essential oils down. The essential oils offer nutrients, after being absorbed into the body they will also be eliminated. In this process they carry out toxins and work as diuretics and purifiers. 

Right after a warm bath or shower is a wonderful time to apply essential oils onto the body with the proper carrier base such as jojoba. When the skin is warm and moist it more readily absorbs nutrients and the benefits are magnified. Also the rubbing a gentle friction stimulates the lymph and the blood and increases the permeability of the botanicals into the body systems. However I would not limit the use to only after the bath or shower. The benefits of applying essential oils onto the body before bed are numerous. Nourishing the skin before sleep as a body restores itself is extraordinarily rich in benefits. Also pleasant scents affect the brain allowing the mind to relax and drift off into sleep. Essential oils that are pleasing and soothing will relax the mind and often increase the subconscious well-being as well.

Nature’s Spirit synergistic blends are beneficial for the whole body. Used from awakening & empowering the day on through to enhancing all aspects of daily routines & rituals. There are numerous benefits for the whole body including the mind & Spirit. There are ways of enhancing everyday life from head to toe & everywhere in-between with Nature’s Spirit.


The easiest way to use Aromatherapy  in everyday life is to have the blends made up and ready for everyday situations. Nature’s Spirit offers many blends to assist with wholisic wellness. Even though we may not say that these botanical heal the body, we do attest that  they certainly add many positive benefits especially when incorporated  with a lifestyle of healthy food and beverage, proper use of the body and a good mindset.

Since 1988 I, through Nature’s Spirit have been formulating synergistic botanical blends that assist the body systems. By creating wholistic remedies the entire body is considered while emphasizing the area of concern with each blend. When the essential oils are added into the carrier base the blends may then be directly applied to the body. Although the blends are of safe proportion and completely pure, one must consider their personal needs. Sometimes a blend should be avoided if pregnant or nursing. A smaller percentage of essential oils should be used for babies, the elderly and those with frail constitutions. We make NO medical claims. We offer botanical blends that have naturally occur ing chemical constituents that are known to be beneficial. 

Example: PEACEFUL BREATH is a blend that I created for myself back in 1988 to ease the symptoms of what is commonly referred to as asthma. I apply this onto my chest, sinuses and under my nostrils to ease the symptoms  with the five  plant components  which are Bergamot, Rosemary, Hyssop, Juniper & Frankincense that I incorporated into jojoba to enhance lung performance, and to assist in detoxifying the inner organs on the cellular level. ( Disclaimer:With this one must be aware that if they are prone to seizures Rosemary may not be a good choice.) 

There are many other blends such as  JOYFUL HEALER  for the muscles , POSITIVE MENTAL STATE for the reproductive system and various others listed on the website at The stronger blends are listed as therapeutic to maximize efficacy. There are many LIGHT ESSENCES which are a lower percentage of essential oils (they are lighter in price also)  that my be used more liberally. 

There are blends created in East African Shea butter both to enhance pleasure and reduce pain. This base is very emollient and therefore is wonderful for dry skin.

Hydrosols are plant waters that are  have different uses from the essential oils that pass through them. I often add essential oils into them for mysts for the body and also  to aromatize the atmosphere. 

Facial Beautification is a specialty of Nature’s Spirit. MORNING DEW beautifies & nourishes as it rejuvenates cellular activity.  This luxurious skin benefactor intended for face, delicate areas & parfum points. It consists of Bulgarian Rose, Neroli, Rose Geranium, Mysore Sandalwood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Sage, Patchouli & Rosemary in  a jojoba base.

PURE PARFUMS and METAPHYSICAL ANOINTMENT BLENDS my specialties.The methods of application though are the same basic procedure though. Be Safe & Be Well. Please be Mindful, these precious botanicals are life enhancing and a Blessing from Nature.

Neat essential oils should typically not be applied directly onto the skin. They are potent, very concentrated and will go a long way in achieving the desired goals, which consist of many variables. Straight essential oils and synergies (mixtures) may be utilized in quite a variety of ways, it all depends on the plant and it’s purpose along with the intention and application.

Adding essential oils into the atmosphere will add much more than just a scent. The amazing molecular structures of these botanicals will add healthy components which in turn will optimize the air quality. Again, there are numerous choices and a great variety of pure essences to choose from. 

This is NOT to be confused with any type of artificial fragrancing  . 

Most  scented commercial products are loaded with all sorts of toxic chemicals  and others components which are dangerous for the body and mind. These fumes are toxins that  go straight to their brain’s most sensitive neurological centers and have many adverse health effects.

Back to the purpose here: Pure essential oils have many variable prices.The essential oils come from various plants and different parts of the botanicals. Growing conditions, climate, soil, integrity of processing and the yield of the derived botanical is what determines the cost. It should vary.

Sometimes these small bottles filled with these plant liquids seem costly. Some are. However, when understood they are actually very affordable besides being extremely beneficial to the body, mind and Spirit. Hence, one usually would not choose Rosa damascena for cleaning. Green and Citrus choices are best for sanitization and purification; fortunately the cost of the more common herbs and citrus is much less, therefore  very affordable.

For example: In our Household section for Cleaning there are various blends such as Kitchen Kleen and Ozone Ionizer that are synergies of straight essential oils to be used for sanitization and purification while cleaning. They may be utilized by the following ways:

  • Add a few drops of the blend into a basin of water & swish about to sponge clean
  • Add into a bucket for mop water for floors & porches (rinse separately to make it last)
  • Mix with baking soda or “Bon Ami” along with hydrogen peroxide for foaming action 
  • Fill a glass or PET plastic bottle with water, then add the essential oils to mist area
  • Add essential oils with water & vinegar to clean counter surfaces, basins and tubs
  • Add a few drops of essential oils into laundry and onto a cloth for the dryer to purify
  • Add essential oils into a pot of steaming water to purify & refresh  air & atmosphere  

By utilizing the essential oils in thee various ways one will notice how cost effective they are.  The ingredient list is usually mainly  composed of water even in the natural choices of cleaning products, so adding the components &  simple creating there is less waste going into the recycle bin from packaging.