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I carry a small vial with me in my purse and if I am having a mini anxiety attack I pull it out and sniff it and put a little on my nose.
It gives me comfort once I sniff it and a dab on my outfit lets me smell it mildly after and calms me right down. 
I have been using it in that manner for several years and it has definitely been an incredible help. 
I also put a dab on my pillow at night before I go to bed as now I have been diagnosed with asthma and it’s like a security for me to relax and feel good and breath well. 
Thank you for making that formula. I love it. 

Patience Johnson. 

I love, love, love Nature's Spirit products! I use them in my massage business, as well as at home. Doreen's oils are simply the best. Other essential oils don't last nearly as long, and I can tell a big difference in the scent. Yes, you can buy cheaper products, but you'll use twice as much, and not get the benefit you do from a pure, clean essential oil. Doreen knows her stuff and is happy to share her knowledge with you. I highly recommend Nature's Spirit.

Naomi Bergner, LMT

Doreen is the bomb. She made me an aromatic oil mix she calls "Bo's Glow" about 6 years ago. Within a week of using it I somehow attracted this woman I am blissfully married to. Amazing.

"I recently had some medical treatments which caused my skin to peel. Your Wound Healer was amazing! It soothed and made a tremendous difference. My skin was back to normal much sooner, and I did not have the worries about all the chemicals from commercial lotions entering my system. Thank you Doreen!"

Bo Frazer

*”Thank you again for Joyful Healer! My husband gets a crick in his neck and massaging it for a few minutes with this oil always makes it better. He also likes the scent, an added bonus."
*”Through my association with Nature's Spirit over the years I've greatly reduced the "chemical load" in my life, and grown to appreciate the pure and positive nature of your healing, cleansing and beautifying products. I feel better about myself and the environment when I use them."
*”What a gift! A friend gave me Radiance for the face one year for Christmas, and I've been using it ever since. People say my skin glows. I've paid it forward, giving it to friends and family, including a pilot deploying to a desert area. You don't need much; I love massaging it on my face in the morning."
*”As a naturopathic and vegan dietitian, these are products I both use and recommend! Great work, Doreen!"
*”Doreen, thank you so much for the wonderful concoction you put together for my friend who was burned! You should see her - no scarring and almost back to normal." *”Plant power! Thanks to Nature's Spirit, I've found products that clean my home and smell great! No more "bleachy" or "ammonia" smells when I come in the house, no more overpowering shower cleaners. I feel both cleaner and healthier!"
*”As much as enjoying your products and scents, I have really enjoyed learning aabout aromatherapy. You truly do bring me more in tune with "Nature's Spirit." Your knowledge and blending are such a gift; thanks for sharing it with the world!"
*”Doreen, I've gotten so many compliments on the parfum I bought recently! I've been putting it in the dryer with my clothes, rubbing a little into my hair, dabbed some on a cotton ball and put it in the car... I just love it!"

Chrys Brennan


This was a dynamic and interactive learning experience !
Doreen is a passionate and engaging teacher.Aromatherapy is an art to be preserved and shared with integrity and respect .
Plants are magical….Thank you Doreen !
Tami Garside 

These oils are AMAZING!  The intense!  NOTHING takes my pain away until now!  I'm going to have to order a back up soon!  The circulation one is taking away the bumps and it looks and feels amazing!  I put it on twice a day.

Sarah L Minnich