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Nature’s Spirit began on Earth Day in 1988 in Doreen’s Downtown 
Bookshoppe. Being dedicated to the ways of wholistic wellness is what Nature’s Spirit is all about. The product line began by Doreen creating personal perfumes & body beautification blends. Being sensitive to all scents & energies is what prompted Doreen to formulate the creations of synergistic botanicals for well-being & aromatic delight.

Simply put, Nature’s Spirit offers botanical essential oil blends for all aspects of daily living. Blends to benefit the body systems from head to toe & everywhere in-between are offered in carrier bases for direct application & neat synergies that may be extended in a variety of ways to assist with wellness. Inhalation of these quintessential pure aromatic essences will enhance mood & purify the atmosphere. These plant energies hold a vibrational quality that connects our Spirit with the Divine forces of Nature that allow Soulful stimulus.

Nature’s Spirit is a life style shared.

Through decades Doreen has been formulating synergistic blends with only pure essential oils & carrier bases. Looking through the on line catalog will bring theses thoughts to life as one pursues the many possibilities that are offered here.

Now, Doreen with her husband Thomas DuJardin , continue in creating Nature’s Spirit products for Body, Mind , Spirit & Soul. Doreen also teaches a great variety of classes & workshops.

Every being is unique.Our goal is to share the wonderful ways of Nature in safe & effective ways.

All of Nature’s Spirit products are completely plant based. All of the essential oils, absolutes, resins, hydrosols & carrier bases are either organic, wild-crafted or eco-cultivated. All the scents are true botanicals. 

Always & forever. Peace & Love.