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Covering the importance of essential oils and their  safe usage for all aspects of femininity emphasizing PMS, Pregnancy & Menopause.                                                                                                   Cost:$33.00 

This includes the olfactory experience of aromatic sampling of essential oils and a selected choice of a Nature’s Spirit essential oil or synergy as an aromatic gift.            

MARCH 13th     Monday evening       6-8PM                MARCH 14st      Tuesday afternoon  1-3PM    

As usual we ask everyone to be fragrance free for these classes. Remember, this includes hairspray, lotions, laundry detergent residue etc..and cigarette smoke. We can better experience the essences with a clear scent palette. Thank you for understanding and respecting this.  

*****It is IMPERATIVE to schedule ahead for this class as I am traveling to Jabeens and need to be prepared for the group. Pre -payment is required; the sooner the better though. Payments may be made by check & mailed to Nature’s Spirit if submitted a least a week before the class. Otherwise PayPal is a very convenient way to pay for the class. Please contact Doreen at 321-632-1221 to secure your spot. Space is limited to 10 attendees at a time.

I will bring extra essential oils & select blends that we are discussing. 

At Jabeens PURE ORGANICS SPA 402 5th Avenue,Indialantic, corner Ramona St Florida . 32903