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Pivotal Point



Ever feel the need to realign your consciousness?Meditation with aromatic energies of pure & purposeful essential oils in a synergetic unison assists our connection to self & source. This allows our own Pillars of Strength to align with Cosmic Divine Energies.
When faced with the core of existence, dealing down to the bones exploring an inner dimension one may come to the centering of the self. Dreams reveal ways of & from the subconscious. Perhaps these revelations come from an internal inner light. I had a profound dream which went to my core; it showed me the need to find my own personal pivotal point. Although we are so interconnected, like atoms & molecules that combine we have our personal physical structure which holds the components that bring form to our identity.The individual traits of these pure & precious plant essential oils intertwine & form a synergy that allows our intuitive senses to flow as we allow our dreamscape to cultivate into the realities we desire.
Rosa Damascena * Jasmine Sambac * Mysore Sandalwood * Lavender Barreme * Frankincense * Marjoram*Clementine * Cardamom * Helichrysum *
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Into a 2 oz Rose Hydrosol @$39.00
Extended with 8ml jojoba into cobalt blue glass bottle with a spherical applicator @$26.00